Although the Modern Art Week of 1922 has gone down in history as a synonym for the aesthetic rupture of its time, it left a lot to be desired in terms of racial and gender representation, perpetuating traces of the colonialism of power and knowledge, in the same year that Brazil was celebrating the centenary of the Independence. As much as its mentors focused on efforts to unveil a “new provocative character” in the Arts, the great event was conducted mostly by white men whose references pointed to Europe as the center of world artistic thought and production and having São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro as the dominant axes of the country's intellectual and political circulation.

23/04/2022 - Aldeia Tabaçu

23rd April 2022 - Village Tabaçu

The Rolê 22 lands on its first territory of (resi)existence: The Village Tabaçu Ypo (Peruíbe). The hostess and morubixaba from the Itamirim village participated (actress and singer, morubixaba in Village Tabaçu Reko Ypy (SP); Auá Mendes (indigenous of the Mura People, artist, Manauara); Juão Nyn (multiartist from Potiguar), activist communicator of the Indigenous movement do RN); and Edgar Kanaykõ Xakriabá (Master in Anthropology from UFMG, of the Xakriabá indigenous people – MG). This prose will be mediated by Jaíra Potï (RN/SP), activist and coordinator of Rolê 22. 

There will be musical interventions between the speeches of the participants, made by Kaê Guajajara (indigenous activist, from the Guajajara people (MA)), accompanied by Kandu Puri, who in addition to being a poet is also a rapper and artisan of the Puri people.

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13 th May 2022 - Quilombo Ivaporunduva

The second stop ofRolê 22 is in the territory of (resi)existence: Quilombo Ivaporunduva which is located in the Municipality of Eldorado São Paulo, at SP- Rd 165, Eldorado/Iporanga, on the banks of the Ribeira de Iguape River. Participate in the commitee:
Aline Chermoula (Chef, teacher, and researcher), Dessa Ferreira (music producer and multi-artist), Giselda Perê (Master in art education), Glaucea Helena de Brittoassistant curator at the Art museum of São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand (MASP) and Rodrigo.

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13/05/2022 - Quilombo Ivaporunduva
24/06/2022 - Ocupação 9 de Julho

24 th June 2022 - Occupation 9 de Julho

The third stop of Rolê 22 is in the urban territory “Occupation 9 de Julho”, in downtown São Paulo, territory of resistance of the MSTC movement (initials for Downtown Homeless Movement). Participate in the commitee: Afro-indigenous Lumumba (artist), Marcelo Tupinambá (historian), Julie Dorrico (and Carmem Silva, Preta Ferreira and leaders of the Occupation 9 de Julho.

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